Elevate Season VI

Elevate Season VI 18th February 4PM EST. Below you will find a load of features and gamemodes we have added to Elevate! *NEW* Gamemodes Final, Cave and Nether UHC Gamemodes. Final UHC is a UHC match where both players have OP armour and weapons and lots of healing, to simulate the final fight in a UHC match. Cave UHC simulates a mid-game UHC fight inside of a Cave. Nether UHC simulates a fight inside the Nether, this means that bed bombing is enabled, as it would be in a regular nether fight. Parkour Gamemode Classic Minecraft Parkour but with checkpoints. Sumo Boxing Gamemode Sumo Gamemode with a twist! *NEW* Features Multi-Language. We have now added a multilingual system for Spanish Players. Archer Colors. Receive your ranks colored armor whilst in archer. Rewards System. Receive Rewards on your playtime, ranked matches and HCT Ranked matches. Practice KB Update. We have updated our Practice KB to what we believe to be a better KB for comboing and fighting in general. Clicking Limit. Due to autoclicking currently being allowed everyone will not be able to exceed a 20cps limit. *NEW* HCT Ranked Features Request Staff. You can now request staff help with an item in your hotbar. Pick Your Kit. You can now add what kits you can play into your HCT Ranked discord profile. *NEW* Bug Fixes ( Practice + HCT Ranked ) Nickname Updating. Your nickname now updates in HCT Ranked when your name is changed. Pearlfight Fixes. Pearls landing after death and other tiny bugs. Height Limit. A Height Limit has been added to Bedfight and Bridges. We have fixed a load of bugs and added a load of new features that are not worth mentioning. We hope to see you there!