2022 Halloween Update šŸŽƒ

We are proud to announce that Elevate Season IV will release on the 5th of November at 4 PM EST. šŸŽ UHCF RANKED Since our beta session, we have made improvements to the gameplay experience for our newest addition to Elevate, UHCF Ranked. The additions made impact both in-game UHCF gameplay, as well as edits to the Discord bot. āš”ļø RANKED REWARDS We have updated our No Debuff KB for Season 4 and are awarding 100$ to #1 No Debuff for Season IV. We will also be giving weekly prizes such as Ranks, VIP Status tags and much more! šŸŽŸ TRANSFER TOKENS After multiple seasons of HCT Ranked we have noticed multiple flaws in the way that we have been handling our account transfers. From now on, on both HCT & UHCF Ranked, we will now be utilizing Account Transfer Tokens. By default, every player receives 1 transfer token upon the registration of their account. Additional transfer tokens can be purchased via our webstore. Transfer tokens are used as a key to be able to transfer your Discord/Minecraft account to another Discord/Minecraft account. We are very excited to show off the content that has made for this update in particular, and we look forward to hearing your feedback on the update, as well as suggestions for the server as a whole.