Elevate Season VII

Below you can find the additions to Elevate in Season VII April 14th 3PM EST Practice Additions (Not Including backend things such as ping fixes optimization etc) Autoclicking. Autoclicking has been completely disallowed and anyone caught using one will be permanently banned. Gamble Crate The gamble crate from HCF has been added to Practice, you can open this key for a chance to win Custom Tags, permanent VIP Status, Elevate Rank and much more! Ranked NPCS. You are now rewarded with your own custom NPC at spawn when #1 in any elo class! https://gyazo.com/c5de39d6ca13a4caf3e10e443b05e8da Daily Goals / Winstreaks Daily Winstreaks for each gamemode aswell as Goals to recieve rewards have been added to Elevate! Translations We have now implemented a English to Spanish Translation ElevateMC to accommodate for the Spanish Community on our server! HCT Ranked Updates ELO Updates. We wanted to make ELO more prestigious again so we have decided to add an MMR system to ElevateMC, this means that you will get more elo if you win with a team with less elo than your enemy team, and would lose less elo if the enemy team has higher average elo. Clans You can now creates Clans in ElevateMC, you can receive Team Points by getting Kills, Wins and winning tournaments, you can lose points by Dying and losing games. You can increase how much elo you receive per win by playing with more of your teammates for example If you are queueing with 5 Teammates you will recieve a 1.3x Boost in ELO this increases by +0.1x for every teammate you are playing with ( max 1.5x ) Fight Styles You can now choose what Fight Style you'd like to play after Voting for a Map! You can vote for either Original, Custom Enchants, Rod, All Diamond and Debuff. You can also find a couple of new gamemodes coming to Elevate in this Season, you can keep updated with these gamemodes in. T.me/ElevateMC discord.gg/elevatemc Discord.gg/hctranked