Elevate Squads

You can read our new features to Squads below! *NEW* ENDER DRAGON EVENT Right after SOTW Timer ends our first Ender-Dragon Event will be hosted! An Enderdragon will be spawned in the end dimension for the entire server to fight the enderdragon and eachother. Cleaning is allowed in End and Overworld whilst the Ender-Dragon Event is LIVE. The Killer of the Ender-Dragon will receive 15x Points, The Player who finds the egg and brings it back to their base will receive 25% faster DTR Regeneration whilst it is placed in their claim. *NEW* ANTI CLEAN We have now implemented an Anticlean that works everywhere except past 1000 in Overworld. It will be disabled in a KOTH that is being capped and also during Enderdragon Event. *NEW* DOUBLE POINTS EVENT Double Points Event [3h] ( Sunday 12PM EST - 3PM EST ) - x2 points for Koths - Kill +2 points - Death -2 points -Doesn't give x2 points for Citadel / Cathedral *NEW* AFK AREA /afk - A new command where you will be teleported to a place where PVP is disabled, Each 15 minutes you will receive a Winter Crate. *FIXES* Fancy Brewers removing ingredients and not compensating for them has now been fixed. KOTHS not going up when they should have been has now been fixed. KOTH Sharpness's have been made a lot harder to obtain KOTH Armour and Swords changing back to map kit after being dropped has now been fixed. Numerous Crate Bugs have now been fixed. Numerous Anticheat Bugs have now been fixed. We have fixed a load more bugs that are not worth mentioning! We hope to see you on again this map on the 28th of January 2PM EST.