We're Back

After a week of maintenance, Practice Season 3 will continue tomorrow (8/30) at 12 PM EST! Throughout the map we noticed issues that needed changing, as well as features that we wanted to implement to improve gameplay. Changelog 📋 • ALL PUNISHMENTS RESET (With an exception of blacklists) • CPS CAP IMPLEMENTATION • From this point onwards, no clicks greater than 15 cps will be registered. This being said, we have now lifted our rule against autoclicking. We believe that this will allow a leveled playing field for the players that autoclick, and those that do not • Added Bedfight gamemode (Commonly referred to as Bedwars) • Added more maps! • Existing performance issues fixed • NEW Elevate-only rank feature (/elevate) [CUSTOMIZE YOUR ELEVATE RANK] • NEW Death Animations for every Rank above Basic! We're excited to see you tomorrow at 12 PM EST. The hub will be unwhitelisted at 11 AM for those of you that wish to join the queue earlier.