Introducing our Winter Update ☃️

We're happy to announce that our Winter Update will be releasing on December 16th with new gamemodes, updates and the return of Ultra! 🏆 Practice Season V & HCT Ranked Season V of Elevate Practice & HCT Ranked will release Saturday, December 17 @ 4 PM EST. We have reset all Transfer tokens, Stats and Ranked Rewards. 🎙 Bunkers & Voice Chat Bunkers Queues will open on Friday, December 16 @ 5 PM EST To keep Bunkers as a limited time mode, Bunkers queues will open every Friday @ 4 PM EST and will remain open until Saturday 6PM EST. Voice Chat will be accessible through our website ( and an in-game command /voice. Whilst you are in voice chat, you will be able to communicate with your team members. Additionally, Hot Mics will be enabled. Upon killing a player, you both will be placed into a 5 second call to communicate. 🤖 NON PREMIUM PROXY We are proud to announce that we have added support for cracked players! Non-premium players can now play Elevate by connecting through Currently Non-Premium players will be able to enjoy every ladder that we have to offer but will not be able to play in HCT Ranked Discord. 🎁Twitter Release & Christmas Giveaway We'll be giving away Ranks, Tags and more over on our socials. Follow to stay up to date with new information and enter our giveaway: