Elevate Christmas Invitational & Winter Update Part II

As you may have noticed we just released our new website! We will be rolling out more features to incentivize usage on our forums! Currently you can post on the forums, check the leaderboards, view matches, and access the support ticket system. We encourage everyone to make suggestions on the site for both what you'd like to see on the Website and In-Game. ๐ŸŽ„Elevate Christmas Invitational We are excited to announce our first invitational ranked tournament on Elevate! The tournament will consist of the Top 24 Ranked No Debuff players. You will have until Thursday 12/29 to secure your spot in the Top 24 players by queuing Ranked No Debuff. Read more about the tournament @ elevatemc.com/christmas ๐Ÿ“‹ Winter Update Part II ๐ŸŽ‰ NEW GAMEMODES & UPDATES Fireball Fight (NEW) - Both Ranked & Unranked Bridges (NEW) - Both Ranked & Unranked Bedfight (NEW) - Both Ranked & Unranked Trapping - Now supports ranked across the network and your ranked ladder elo will display correctly โš’ FIXED GLITCHES Trapping - You can now play Trapping Again after not being able to break blocks. Pearlfight - You can no longer get blocks other than wool in Pearlfight. Parties now show up in order in /party list VIP Status Armor now changes colors. Lava has been removed from NoDebuff Nether Map. Speed Potions are back into No Debuff Kit opposed to our Permanent Speed 2. All Gamemodes have been added back to our website. Blockhit damage reduction has been reduced You can also get a website page of your map after winning or losing! ๐Ÿ’ธ NEW RANK PERKS /host ( host events depending on what rank you have ) /armor ( Cosmetic Armour for Ranked Players ) /toggleplayervisibility ( be able to see people in the hub! We have also introduced Colored Named tags to Ranked Players!