We are proud to announce that Elevate Season IV will release on the 5th of November at 4 PM EST. šŸŽ UHCF RANKED Since our beta session, we have made improvements to the gameplay experience for our newest addition to Elevate, UHCF Ranked. The additions made impact both in-game UHCF gameplay, as well as edits to the Discord bot. āš”ļø RANKED REWARDS We have updated our No Debuff KB for Season 4 and are awarding 100$ to #1 No Debuff for Season IV. We will also be giving weekly prizes such as Ranks, VIP Status tags and much more! šŸŽŸ TRANSFER TOKENS After multiple seasons of HCT Ranked we have noticed multiple flaws in the way that we have been handling our account transfers. From now on, on both HCT & UHCF Ranked, we will now be utilizing Account Transfer Tokens. By default, every player receives 1 transfer token upon the registration of their account. Additional transfer tokens can be purchased via our webstore. Transfer tokens are used as a key to be able to transfer your Discord/Minecr...

We're Back
By Apposed, 3 months ago

After a week of maintenance, Practice Season 3 will continue tomorrow (8/30) at 12 PM EST! Throughout the map we noticed issues that needed changing, as well as features that we wanted to implement to improve gameplay. Changelog šŸ“‹ ā€¢ ALL PUNISHMENTS RESET (With an exception of blacklists) ā€¢ CPS CAP IMPLEMENTATION ā€¢ From this point onwards, no clicks greater than 15 cps will be registered. This being said, we have now lifted our rule against autoclicking. We believe that this will allow a leveled playing field for the players that autoclick, and those that do not ā€¢ Added Bedfight gamemode (Commonly referred to as Bedwars) ā€¢ Added more maps! ā€¢ Existing performance issues fixed ā€¢ NEW Elevate-only rank feature (/elevate) [CUSTOMIZE YOUR ELEVATE RANK] ā€¢ NEW Death Animations for every Rank above Basic! We're excited to see you tomorrow at 12 PM EST. The hub will be unwhitelisted at 11 AM for those of you that wish to join the queue earlier.


ELO REWARDS šŸŽ We will be rewarding Ranks, tags and Store Vouchers to the people who reach the most Global ELO and No Debuff ELO in the first 6 hours of opening, aswell as rewarding people who reach #1 ELO for Global and No Debuff at the end of the season.

Hey. We have have finally released our new website! To start, this is where we will be releasing all of our NEW content that Elevate will be seeing for all our future updates. I would also like to add your Website Account for our last Website can still be used here! On our new website you will be able to do the following ā€¢ Create a Forums Post! ā€¢ Create a Support Ticket ā€¢ Add your Friends as a Buddy! ā€¢ Check yours and other peoples Stats! And much, much more! Elevate 2.0 + HCT Ranked Season 3 will be releasing on the 6th of August at 4PM EST. We hope to see you there!